Read Sarah’s interview in the NY Post

Playfully resting her Chanel boot on the banister of the ornate, sweeping staircase inside a bustling Manhattan hotel, Sarah Shahi tosses back her head and gives a sexy, throaty laugh.
Actually, it’s more of a snort. The beautiful TV star, who was born Aahoo Jahansouzshahi and is descended from one of the first ruling shahs of Iran, is the picture of glamour and sophistication. But beneath the cool exterior, this down-to-earth Texan is enjoying the elements of farce.
A group of onlookers — pharmaceutical reps attending a conference — watch The Post’s photo shoot, enthralled. Now and again, a random guest ascends the stairs, blissfully unaware that they’re sabotaging the shot. Shahi shifts her leg to let them through, like some shapely drawbridge.
“Hi,” she says, as another interloper sidles past. She pulls a face of mock-frustration for the camera, as if to add: “No rush, we’ve got all day!”


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