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Chicago Fire Scoops from TV Line

Sarah Shahi (who is now a regular on Person of Interest) will return for an episode to resolve Renée and Severide’s sticky sitch “in an effective way,” assures executive producer Danielle Gelber. But her bun in the oven comes with “a surprise twist… that’s going to really impact [Severide and Shay’s] close friendship and Severide’s relationship with Renée.”


Static Comes Home to Blu-ray and DVD This October

After sitting on the shelf for the past several months, the next 3D horror flick is coming at you from music video director Todd Levin. Finally Static 3D is on its way home! Look for it in stores on October 8th via New Video Group.

The flick stars Milo Ventimiglia (“Heroes”), Sarah Shahi (“The L Word”), and Sara Paxton (The Last House on the Left, The Innkeepers).

While coping with the tragic death of their child, a young novelist (Ventimiglia) and his wife (Sarah Shahi) are struggling just to keep their marriage alive. Their broken romance is put to the test when a mysterious girl (Paxton) shows up at their door in the middle of the night claiming masked prowlers are stalking her. The ominous situation turns even darker when the dangerous hooligans show up at their door to wreak havoc. As a game of cat and mouse ensues, the couple must work together to survive and uncover the mystery behind the attack. Soon past secrets begin to unfold… for better or worse.

Sarah interview with Zap2It from Comic Con

“Person of Interest” is getting a big dose of girl power in Season 3. Recurring actresses Sarah Shahi and Amy Acker were both upped to series regulars for the upcoming season, which should make for some interesting complications for main characters Harold Finch and John Reese.
“She has a big bada** presence for sure,” Shahi tells Zap2it of her character Samantha Shaw in Season 3. “I know that when they wanted to bring Shaw into the team, they wanted to do it in a very slow, very thought out way. They didn’t want her to join too quickly. They wanted the audience to work for it a little bit to be able to see that. In terms of how that relationship is going to grow, other than the fact that it is going to grow, there’s really not that much else I can say about it because I really don’t know.”
According to Shahi, she was always slated to become a full-time cast member in Season 3. “That was always the intention, even last year when I did my four episodes. It was under the condition that this was going to become a series regular of the show. So yeah, this was in the works for a while,” she says.

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Person Of Interest Comic Con Panel Recap

– Sarah Shahi on Shaw: She digs Shaw’s unpredictability. “For the most part, I have to say it’s so much fun killing people.” A conversation she has with her husband: “Work was great today, honey. I chased boys all day and then I shot them.”

– Will Shaw and Root ever team up like Finch and Reese? Acker gives Shahi a hug, and then Jonah says, “I think you’ve been bugging our writers room.” Whaaaaaat!?

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Person of Interest EP talk Sarah’s role!

Now that Sarah Shahi has been made a series regular, how will her character of Sam Shaw fit into season 3?

Nolan: She’s gonna fit in with a large gun! We think Sarah is a fantastic actor. We have always wanted to work with her. The interesting part of [Sam’s] background is obviously there’s some similarities in terms of training and lethality with Reese.

But, we think the fun of her character is that she has a complementary set of skills that we’re going to start to explore, which sort of give us a fun, new dynamic to explore. And, the question becomes how does she incorporate into our world. We’re going to have fun with that journey

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