Sarah Talks being Comfortable Within your skin!

Ms. Sarah Shahi has been in New York City promoting Fairly Legal this week and she stopped by The Wendy Williams Show. Sarah & Wendy discussed the topic of being “naked” and Sarah gives such a wonderful reply on it. My Shero… I can’t do that just yet.

‘Fairly Legal’ Review Round-Up

Various media outlets are giving their two cents on Sarah’s new drama series, Fairly Legal. We hope you enjoyed the series premiere and stick around for more and what we’re sure will be one amazing first season. A few may be an interview where Sarah herself discussed her new series and encourages fans to tune in!

USA scores again with ‘Fairly Legal’, star Sarah Shahi
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Ellen Gray: USA Network’s ‘Legal’ more fun than NBC’s ‘Harry’
Philadelphia Daily News

The Futon’s First Look: “Fairly Legal” (USA)
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TV Review: USA’s New ‘Fairly Legal’ Works Due to Charming Lead

Sarah Shahi Interview about FAIRLY LEGAL

Getting to Know ‘Fairly Legal’s Sarah Shahi

Enjoy. We will soon have up Fairly Legal caps!

Clip of Sarah on the Today Show

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Sarah Shahi moves on from “The L Word” and “Life” to “Fairly Legal”

Sarah Shahi’s hot — but you already knew that. Here’s what you might not know: She stars in a new legal drama on the USA Network, Fairly Legal (formerly Facing Kate) on which she abandons her gig at her father’s law firm after his death in favor of a gig as a mediator. sat down with the former L Word actress to get the dish on Fairly Legal’s Kate Reed and how she’d mediate Shane and Carmen’s problems. What attracted you to this character?
Sarah Shahi: When I first auditioned for it, I was on Life and that was something where though I was the female lead I did not have any creative input. I didn’t have any kind of say and I wanted to change that for this show. When I went in to test, basically I told the producers: “Look, if you guys want me in this, I would love to do it. But here are the conditions: I want to have a say in the character and casting and I want to be more than just an actor for hire.” I basically gave them every reason not to hire me. It turns out they loved it and that’s exactly what they wanted to hear.

After Ellen sits down with Sarah Shahi

New Fairly Legal Episode Stills!

Updated the Sarah Shahi Fan Gallery with episode stills for 102 and 103.

Sarah Shahi Fan Gallery > Fairly Legal > 102 Episode Stills
Sarah Shahi Fan Gallery > Fairly Legal > 103 Episode Stills

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